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My Ambition

I wonder how many of us in this world live up to their dream jobs or so called ambition. I am the one that was out far from my ambition.

 I was so sure long ago when I was in primary and secondary school of what I want to be. ( I kind of glad I didn’t turn to be what I dream of actually, now that i knew the ambition I was dreaming on was not that great..:P)

 It’s all change when I was 17. I asked myself a lot, who I want to really be? What I want to be? But I guess up to-date, I am still searching within myself what actually I wanted to achieve in life.

When I was in my uni-time, seriously I was clueless with my career path. I have no idea what actually I want to do doing .

I come to realize that I want to do something significant for myself, making both of my mama and bapa proud of me … but what is it? What is significant to myself? And what will make my parent to be proud of me? I don’t really know…

If people ask me now, is this what I want to be or do .. I don’t know. I don’t know what I am looking for …

What am sure of, I here now !! and I will do my best  in what I am doing .. ( iya ka?..😛  . GOD Help me !!!)

p/s: is it normal to be clueless in life ? If not , then am I not normal?

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