chak po’s ambition

April 15, 2008 at 10:11 pm 2 comments

i cant help it wit my 3 nieces jokes today.. actually it was not a joke la .. i think they r serious .. but it was funny…

ok , it goes like dis , my mom was asking my nieces what is their ambition.. so start wit the 1st one ..

niece 1 : i want to be a designer ..
me : wat type of designer ..
niece 1 : the one decorate lumah la.. kasi susun2 n kasi cantik2 rumah ..
me : oh.. next time u say u want to become home interior designer

then mom ask my 2nd niece what she wanted to be , her answer was

niece 2 : i wan to become teacher like aunty ( oh.. she meant me … )
me : ya ka.. wat subject u want to teach?
niece 2 : malay
me : y malay? ur malay oso tebalik2
niece 2 : sinang ma .. itu bahasa saja saya paham….

the suddenly….
my 3rd niece : chak poh ( my mom !) tanya2 kami punya cita-cita .. chak poh le? apa cita-cita
my mom : jadi nenek la…
3rd niece : mana boleh cita-cita jadi nenek oo…
my mom : boleh ma… sudah tua cita2 jadi nenek la…
3rd niece : aunty , mcm begitu pun boleh ka…

i was already laughing… cos the way she was the question dat time. very serious and full of curiosity and they insist to know wat my mom want to be when she grow older…

wat would ur answer be if ur kids ask such q?

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sadie sadie sadie… teacher to be…

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