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April 19, 2008 at 1:26 am 10 comments

My very 1st day at school as TRAINEE TEACHER. I was not suppose to go for any teaching activities just yet. NO valid teaching LICENSE – not qualified lagi la . But last Monday , I went for my School Based Experience – This component will provide exposure and initial experience of the primary school context to the us, it allows me to relate theoretical knowledge to the actual school setting .

First day went so – so . nothing much . it just that , the moment I entered the school , I have this weird feeling. I fell like I am not suppose to be here . felt bad about it. Then the morning Monday assembly. I thought, all this while, I will be more ‘thrill & excited’ about going to school. But looking at all the young, small kids, the weird feeling of I am not suppose to be here is getting worst. I feel so bad about it . Very guilty indeed. What went wrong with me?

Then my very 1st class – replacement teacher. Bahasa Melayu – Year 1. Very very very nervous ! wondering how it would be in the class later.

The moment I entered the class – the whole kids stood up and said , Selamat Pagi Chegu ….. hmm.. chegu ? me… chegu ?
1st impression of my fellow fren when they know that I am doing my teaching course is .. abis la.. mati la the kids.. garang ni teacher..
Ok back to the class room situation. i said selamat pagi , sila duduk . then one boy stand up and said , chegu .. chegu .. chegu cantik la… ( OMG!!! This really happen ka? My lecturer did told us about this situation, but I was not expecting it this early… hahaha.. remember when people said , budak kecik never lie… so .. I am CANTIK la ni..:P ) but then , I haven’t abis kambang2 wit the pujian yet .. another boy stood up and said … chegu .. apa yg merah2 d pipi chigu tu.. aiyaaa.. potong trip la ni boy….. I said , it nothing . mmg muka saya mcm tu ( my 1st lie to the kids… ) and start to deliver the worksheet provided by the class teacher.
Class went chaotic, some a jumping here n there, climbing chairs and table.. I got panicked. Ada juga yg fighting … and crying … oh GOD HELP me!!! …I was out of control of the 35 pupils. Wonder if I scolded or raise up my voice to them ? nope .. I didn’t. I actually oppose that kind of attitude. Yes I am garang , but I don’t do scolding. We shouldn’t do that to young kid.. (org besar boleh.. ahahaha) but class went wild. reaaly WILD!!! Nasib baik 30 minute jak. I went back to the staffroom feeling bad -and exhausted !!!, I can’t handle this class, and how am I going to be a teacher? ( got to my head juga.. pa mcm la if i got my own kidsssss… adus!!)
The other 3 class I went and replace was even worst. How am I going to face my student for my practicum later? – matai la ni …
Did some ‘counseling’ with fellow teacher friend, senior teacher and my beloved sis.
Up to date, I think I am getting better. Hopefully can do the GREATEST.. The kids need me to be so.. ahahaha.. semangat la kunun…. No la… this all come to me because I don’t want my kids to be thought ‘cincai-cincai’…. So in order to do so…. I won’t do the same thing…

Go .. go .. go… me !!!

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chak po’s ambition My Daniel….

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  • 1. ezooone  |  April 19, 2008 at 9:34 am


    GO CIGU GO!!!

    besala tu zie…mula2 kan…skolah mana zie?

    btw…aku pindah g kl…aku report duty petronas 16 may nih… 🙂

  • 2. adexx9181  |  April 19, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    Iz : Congrats for the new job… bha bila mo p yam cha .. m at bpot now.. eheheh .. next week balik kk dy

  • 3. ElainE  |  April 23, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    Zie!!! reading your post on this.. I could just imagine you saying it out loud nie.. haha…
    You had a weird feeling ah… hmmm like what? being a teacher u mean? maybe coz its new so you feel that way… But Im sure u’d be a great teacher!!

    “chegu,chegu,,,chegu cantik la…” uih nah… this kid…ok ok apart from not lying la kan.. but this kid mmg pandai jack org o hahaha.. thats the first thing that came up ah hahahaha

    Sigh… me having altogether 6 nephews n nieces pun susah mo handle if they happen to come to the house at the same time… you lagi… 35 ah.. THIRTY FIVE… omg..hang in there kay… I’m sure you’d do great!! len kali.. if over bikin panas… ikat jak on the kipas… they’d like it.. hhahaha JOKE!

    Zie, u were wondering macam la if you had ur own kids?? hahahaha I’m wondering about that too…on you ah.. not on myself!!! ok ba I know u’d b a great teacher..apatah lagi a mom… (wow i used the word APATAH ah) hahahaha

    Well Zie.. Keep it up k!!! MISS YOU!!!!

  • 4. McBuddy  |  April 23, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    Hey B**ch! I’m backkk…i mean back here in your blog comment to torture you…*as if la the 35 kids tidak cukup torturing kan* haha.. cigu cantik dia bilang? itu di sikul..belum lagi dia nampak cigu time di luar.. SEXXXY!!! hahaha…eh..18sx ni..keke.. wow..till now i still cannot imagine how tom teach during his classes, u know with his make-you-blur jokes…and now YOU!! the hot and sexy teacher..d*mn! no wonder kids nowadays senang2 ja dapat A1 A2…ada pembina semangat muahahahhaha…no new updates from me yet…i’ll catch up with u when i see u lah.. i know u miss me you clingy lil’ *tut*

  • 5. adexx9181  |  April 25, 2008 at 1:00 am

    Elaine : hmm.. weird feeling like.. I shouldn’t be there bha.. mcm rasa it not me .. I mean I can’t imagine myself teaching .. but ya.. it almost 2 week now.. I am kind of .. not bad la juga .. it keep me occupied ALL the time. Cos ada banyak xtvt at skul.. academically and out class room xtvt… yea .. most ppl think being teacher is an easy job .. the truth is NOT! Now I have to know how to dance traditional dance and sing .. OMG!!! Wonder y I never touch the mic when we went out.. hahahah.. I can’t sing at all. I am TONE DEAF!!!

    Hahah , ya la .. kids mmg pandai jack juga dis …. Hehehe ..

    Me being a great teacher ? I hope NOT! Cos I want to be the GREATEST teacher.. ahahaha.. lum tau lagi la .. lau kana ntar d pulau2 or ulu2 .. sure motivation down punya…
    I do hope to I will become a good MOM!!! But have to look for a gud daddy- to-be oso.


  • 6. adexx9181  |  April 25, 2008 at 2:42 am

    Chel : hahahah .. sexy2 jan sebut aaa.. susah ni .. tu skul sebelah rumah jak… dulu sinang2 jak kuar umah pakai short.. ni mo p kadai pun mo pakai ‘santik2’ ni.. adidi… bha.. I hope u haven’t watch the movie I’ve been waiting for… and I want to know d update about d BIG PLAN.. bila mo shopping and start making thingsni ..??? I want to be INVOLVED and INCLUDED!!

  • 7. McBuddy  |  April 25, 2008 at 4:16 pm

    zie, im still bz with work..no news with my viva thingy lagi..so masi tension2 juga ni..but luckily i hv the ” BIG PLAN” going on…so excited about everything…details nnt la i tell you when i see you k..

  • 8. McBuddy  |  April 25, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    i feel so angry reading today’s headline in daily express…those two sickening bastards!! i hope they put salt and lime onto the wound after they got their sebatan!!! itupun tidak cukup lagi tu when compared to what they did to that poor girl…I pray that God give her the strength…we must all take care ya zie..

  • 9. adexx9181  |  April 26, 2008 at 5:57 am

    chel : didnt read DE . my sis ndada bili.. but got d TV3 juga my sis cakap .. my mom trus call me ni …ya we should look after ourselves ni kan… it not safe anymore to live in this world…

    hmm.. poor the gal…

  • 10. Mon Joe  |  April 26, 2008 at 11:09 am

    CIKGU AZIE???? hahahah first klas oredi tambirang sama tu budak2 ka? ayooo… hehehehe

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