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i am not SINGLE!!

yea … i am not single was my 1st movie that i watched in the cinema …

what actually drive me to go and watch it in the cinema ?

i was so bored last sunday , waiting for my fren to pick me up for a wedding reception . and i was watching this the making of i am not single on astro …

i was like …. not bad. for malaysian movie . ( i am not biase la .. tapi … ya la… kita masih developing kan…)

at the same time , i was talking with my fren about it on YM.  and she said … u must go and watch !!!.. nice ! and she said after she watched it she feel like wanted to get married…

wooooaaah… love is in the air ka ? well wit 4 invitation in this month ( every weekend ok !!).. i think i needs an inspiration .. (inspiration??!! .. ahaks…)

when my dearie fren arrive and i asked her what does she think of i am not single … we were both screaming (girls..!!) so we decided to go for it after the wedding ….

what do i think of the movie ? NOT BAD at all..

with lot of pressure and tense in me for the past few weeks, I needed a time off….

I cant stop laughing at the movie. Really funny ( I cant decide either it was funny funny or I just wanted to let myself go..) anyway , i does make my day ….

I was too got carried out with the romantic scene … 😀 … oh ya .. I don’t feel like I wanted to get married la…

Just that I feel like … adakah guy like this in the world? Exist ka ? kalau ada, sila tunjuk diri anda ASAP!!

i still remember my dear hsemate did asked me what would u do in arranged married? my answer : see how it goes.. manala tau kan .. if it doesnt work … hmm.. we never knew what will happen in future … so … in case i have no choice and the guy is not that bad , i would say i would give it a try .. how about u?

Well, overall , I would say my RM 9 is worth it!

p/s: my fave line is … By (bi) … 😀 .. my hsemate when very mad now i call her By…

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