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THE guy!!!

I am in a romantic – love – movie mood now.

I just finished watching another movie – sweet home Alabama – been trying to watch it for so long and finally I did it today.

What a movie…:)

But here a thing, for the past month I have been watching this kind of genre  and I was thinking …

How do we know HE is THE man?

In the Made of Honour, I think if I were the girl, I would pick up the DUKE!!! Logically, he is a DUKE … and the guy – Tom have been in her entire life, why only when she is about to marry other MORE BETTER guy and he realize he is in love with her? Or perhaps he just worried he might lose her? Like what Claire said to him when they have the conversation the nite before the wedding. what take him so long to realise that … Sh*T!

And in this sweet home Alabama … Andrew is so GREAT, he can even accept her past and wanting to know if he has a place in her future… he is a man with lots of surprises and a future everyone have been dreaming of …

I don’t know… and I want to know how to know the guy we seeing is THE guy? Honestly, in every relationship I’ve been, I would always say HE is the GUY  ( in the early stage la…   … and have been visualizing the future together … …( yurp … :D)….and i said to myself, if this one doesn’t work … i wont get myself involved in any other relationship anymore…)

and see what happen now .. Me here still wondering where and who is the guy …

Anyway, I don’t think anybody can give the right answer for that question, everybody surely have their own point of view of the man / women they marrying, right?

p/s: why is it in the movie , they back up only during the walking the aisle part … I guess it never really happen in real life … the couple would either just continue with the original plan and try to iron the mess later on … it a lots of money thrown for the preparation already dude! and one more thing.. why is it the girl usually the one yg turn around ?

Another wedding reception tomorrow .. And here I am .. Trying to get-a-life!

To my dear option-mate

Nurain Shahirah & Hubby … Congrats …

See ya tomorrow !

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