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credit card fraud !!!


sudah jatuh di.. kena tindis tangga lagi ni ..

dem! i feel so mad !!!

i just reach my fren hse at labuan and i got a phone call… its kl no .. ingatkan my fren calling me ….

skali its from maybank, suspected credit card fraud …. this guy as me .. ada ka Puan (Puan???!!)beli tiket air aisa cost baru baru ini bernilai RM1000++ .. i said no. y? i asked. someone is using your card to purchase air asia ticket … and i was like ? what ????? i am so pissed off now… air asia ticket to china lagi..SH#TTTTT!

now i cannot use my credit card anymore… demit!!!! how can this happen .. i am here holidaying .. and i cant use my credit card…and i have to bear the cancellations cost lagi … aduh!!!!!

i told the maybank guy to notify me who use the card , i wanted to sue them !!! cila#a btol!!!!!

what the………………..aaarrrrggghhh.. !!!!!

why MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

September 29, 2008 at 3:38 pm 4 comments

feelin’ blue

i usually associate blue with something calm .. soothing … relaxing … like the sky .. the sea….

but today …. i am feelin’ the other blue… very blue…

its hard to explain how exactly i felt at the moment , it just that , i am supposed to be happy .. thrill ….. and excited .. its a school hols , i will have my time for myself … and i am going to see my very long buddy “over-the-sea” tomorrow….

something very depressing and disappointing had happen to me .. and i  asked my self … again ? another trial for me ? AGAIN? seriously , i could not deal with any trial at the moment … i have no more strength … it been a very tiring 5 years for me …

some people may be very strong to stood up again all the trial , some would be able to do something miracle out of what had happen to them .. but some would just be giving up… and other might just choose to do self-destruction …

yes , i am very much AWARE , the option is in my hand , what ever decision is MINE ! and i have to be RESPONSIBLE to it !

i ………… i seriously don’t know what else to say.. i have gone thru a lot and i cant handle any … i might be strong but i am just another normal human being …. WHY ME ????!!!!

September 28, 2008 at 8:33 pm 3 comments

opsss .. i did it again ….

yurp!! .. i did it AGAIN!!!!

i have no idea how it actually happen. i  actually just trying … and trying … hands was shakin …

ni la ni tangan ni…. kin panas ….kadang2…

its all happen at the famous beach of Rasa Ria … time around 6:30 …. YESS!!! its dark! and like i said … i was just trying ….

i said to myself … galap pun galap la… belasah jak … no harm wat …. bukan ada urg pun at the beach … bukan ada urg pun mo kasi malu …

anyway , i was talking about my photo shooting experiment ….  i did not have my tripod that time , so i saw this ‘block’ where i think bulih jadi stand…. ( euwww… sewerage line rupanya …. harum semerbak ni!!)

it turn out like this…..

this one , minus the ‘stand’ … whoudl anybody asked me hwo i manage to take the view… my answer .. i dunno … i just click2 jak tu …like i always said .. suma happen by chance ni …

i want to do better .. and still learning ….

September 26, 2008 at 4:29 am 2 comments

juicy juice….

havin a glass of fresh watermelon juice now… nyum .. nyum..nyum…

it is no doubt that havin fresh juice serve a lots benefit to our health … not to mention the mouth watering taste of it …my fave of course the watermelon juice .. my second choice is the manggo juice and pineapple…

but i wonder why in our tropical climate , the cost to get a fresh juice is so d*m expensive … well.. a glass of pure fresh watermelon in a restaurant is at least costing RM5.00 per glass….

oh yah.. if we try to get it at the hotel .. easy RM14.90 at Hyatt.. ( tried before… ingatkan inclusive of the buffet dinner package .. cess!!!) why is it so?

i bought myself a quarter of watermelon yesterday , and i make 3 glass of juice of it. but why is these restourant and hotel is charging so much … it is hard to make it? ….. they just chuck in the fruit and throw it to the juicer wat…. kalau tempat dun have juicer they use blender… lagi easy …. but again why is it they charge so much ? i cant figure it out!!!

anyway , i have this evil thinking ( as usual…) when i had my buffet lunch at one of the hotel in kk . i said to my partner .. do u know how to get a cheap fresh fruit juice … we get the watermelon and asked the waiter/s to help us to belnd it .. or perhaps we can asked the chef to borrow their juicer .. walla .. we got ourselves a fresh juice.. i dont think they mind ?  do u?

heheheh.. evil thought of mine…but seriously … why is it so expensive hust to have a decent drink ?

p/s; moral of the story is to have a fresh fruit at home .. cheaper.. LOL!!!

September 17, 2008 at 5:46 pm 2 comments

seeing is believing

how true is that ? seeing is believing….

does it mean we will only believe something once we saw it ? what if what we saw is not so true ?

ok say that we agreed on the statement … look at the pics below and ask ourselves .. is it really eyes never lies?

which line is longer , AB or BC ?

which line appear to be longer in this image?

ok try another one …

which vertical line is longer ?

or pics 1 , the length AB is actually equal with BC .

same goes with pics 2, most people think that the bottom one is longer . they re exactly same length but the position of the circle makes it appear otherwise.

Don’t believe me ? take a ruler and measure it.

well well well… eyes does lie huh? do look attach image for further surprises

do u see the flower rotating ?

and do u see the Volkswagen seems like swallow in to the center of the image ?

in the nutshell… eyes does tell us a lies u know ……. so …. in any case or what so ever , better use all the other senses we have to know the truth of something….. we have ear to listen , mouth to ask , hand to feel, nose to smell… ok ?

September 13, 2008 at 2:26 pm 4 comments

sigup .. montoku ….

Fren  : weii…sejak bila ko ambil barat butul sama montoku ni ah?? sudah pandai ahhh…
Me    : hahahah, sa susah ati utk pihak ko la !
Fren  : hahaha…
me    : cam na la ko , sigup udah naik ni !
Fren  : biasalah…pak b*d*hwi punya kerja lah tu
me    : isk , ko ni …utk kebaikan bersama juga mah , lau org banyak bili sigup, makin bagus juga tu . sebab banyak tax govt dapat ….manatau naik lagi gaji kami next yr …ahahaha…
Fren   : ..kalau mahal sudah sigup bagus bili ganjah saja, sekarang mau lebih kurang ja harga tu…b*d*h bah ni PM ni, makin banyaklah budak2 ambil ganjah ni nda pandai piker… yg negeri sempadan ngan thai tu sinang2 dapat ganjah, 1 pek RM 10 ja.
me  : bha , ko tulis la bah surat sama dia . mangkali dia nda tau …..mana la bha dia tau harga ganja , sa pun nda tau ni … sebbaik ko kasi tau …
Fren  : kalau sudah lebih kurang harga na baru tau kalau budak2 ambil ganjah
me  : butul juga tu , jadi ? pa cadangan ko ?
Fren  : alasan saja nda mau orang merokok. cuba mcm dia yang sudah biasa makan sedap2, tiba2 ko kasi dia makan nasi sama kicap. macam dia rasa……nda jatuh semua rambut dia, palui…
me  : jadi yg bulih kerajaan bantu ko ? pa yg bulih sa bantu ko ?
Fren : ndada…
Me   : ?? : D

This conversation is between me n fren about the latest budget 2009. price hike on cigarette but not the liquor.
I found it very funny when my fen said about the makan sedap2.. it does make sense to me … ya la .. if sudah biasa smoking kan .. skali nda dpt puff for a day sebab mahal .. pening juga oo kan .. adihhhhh.. good news is that nda dapat puff .. go liquor la !!! YES!!

September 2, 2008 at 4:39 am 9 comments

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