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seeing is believing

how true is that ? seeing is believing….

does it mean we will only believe something once we saw it ? what if what we saw is not so true ?

ok say that we agreed on the statement … look at the pics below and ask ourselves .. is it really eyes never lies?

which line is longer , AB or BC ?

which line appear to be longer in this image?

ok try another one …

which vertical line is longer ?

or pics 1 , the length AB is actually equal with BC .

same goes with pics 2, most people think that the bottom one is longer . they re exactly same length but the position of the circle makes it appear otherwise.

Don’t believe me ? take a ruler and measure it.

well well well… eyes does lie huh? do look attach image for further surprises

do u see the flower rotating ?

and do u see the Volkswagen seems like swallow in to the center of the image ?

in the nutshell… eyes does tell us a lies u know ……. so …. in any case or what so ever , better use all the other senses we have to know the truth of something….. we have ear to listen , mouth to ask , hand to feel, nose to smell… ok ?

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