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juicy juice….

havin a glass of fresh watermelon juice now… nyum .. nyum..nyum…

it is no doubt that havin fresh juice serve a lots benefit to our health … not to mention the mouth watering taste of it …my fave of course the watermelon juice .. my second choice is the manggo juice and pineapple…

but i wonder why in our tropical climate , the cost to get a fresh juice is so d*m expensive … well.. a glass of pure fresh watermelon in a restaurant is at least costing RM5.00 per glass….

oh yah.. if we try to get it at the hotel .. easy RM14.90 at Hyatt.. ( tried before… ingatkan inclusive of the buffet dinner package .. cess!!!) why is it so?

i bought myself a quarter of watermelon yesterday , and i make 3 glass of juice of it. but why is these restourant and hotel is charging so much … it is hard to make it? ….. they just chuck in the fruit and throw it to the juicer wat…. kalau tempat dun have juicer they use blender… lagi easy …. but again why is it they charge so much ? i cant figure it out!!!

anyway , i have this evil thinking ( as usual…) when i had my buffet lunch at one of the hotel in kk . i said to my partner .. do u know how to get a cheap fresh fruit juice … we get the watermelon and asked the waiter/s to help us to belnd it .. or perhaps we can asked the chef to borrow their juicer .. walla .. we got ourselves a fresh juice.. i dont think they mind ?  do u?

heheheh.. evil thought of mine…but seriously … why is it so expensive hust to have a decent drink ?

p/s; moral of the story is to have a fresh fruit at home .. cheaper.. LOL!!!

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