she is back!!!!

October 2, 2008 at 9:08 pm Leave a comment

yes she is back in town (correction pls!! its an ISLAND!!) …..she is my buddy … Ms Ai Ling.. ( yurp! still Miss ya..)

we met 5 yr ago … i was tutoring @ UMSKAL by then. we stayed together at her place ( felo ni… jangan main2..) since then , we become CLOSE! we can talk about almost everything … and yes argued a LOT too.. :

anyway , its a blessing to know such girl like her … i would say she is full of colours …. and she really life live! happening , happy-go-lucky, no-worries, VERY blessed and LUCKY! and… she is SMART !

i admire her know-what-she-want and her determination.. she will say what-she-think-she-want-to-say and she know her stand!

isk.. banyak promote pula utk amoi ni… ( we called each other amoi .. ), u kena belanja i ni nanti ya amoi!!!

she is a chinese from penang , and always mistaken as dusun if compared to me ….many would say i look more chinese … do i ? dun think so … her most precious-asset is her eyes ( beside the…mmm.. u see her u know la..) , the eyes colour is hazel ok !

she just change her hair-do .. which make her look like .. hey gurl .. ada bawa IC ka ? i do prefer her long-curly hair atually , but what wrong with a change rite ?!

all the pix were taken at the Memorial Park @ Labuan … look thru her sunny ..

oh ya… i am trying to make her look innocent … YES! she CAN sometime be very innocent ..

i wanted to be in the post too… kena amik reflection saja la ….

she is praying hard so i can join her at the island again … and i was like… mmm… i always like beach , but that island is so HOT! and my last 3 days there …mmmm…. its so hard to find anything.. even deco-for-her-new-office… i can live there if i can deal wit liquor and cigarettes… its the only thing that is cheap and has varieties !

i dunno .. but looking fwd to see u again moi…

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