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November 23, 2008 at 3:57 pm 1 comment

back in town ….and i an not yeyying at all… another week full of … i dun know how to really say about it… the objectiveSS of all the courses is good…. very good actually.. perhaps how the program is conducted requires.. hmm …. how to say this.. i cant actually find the right words… but here is what happen to me …

3 days of final exam ( monday to wed ) … there is already a crack on my head…

then on Thur and fri , we have to go for another anti- drug course… which is good right? .. the course where we get exposure of dealing with drug and what is the current scenario in school…

while others is enjoying time off before heading for another course in Kundasang.. i am dealing with another ‘responsibility’ …. saya yang menurut perintah !!!

then on the 13 – 18 .. another GOOD course… honestly , i do agree the important of this courses i attended ….. but the none stop talks , and group discussion – some of it very very provoking… and i feel like saying what i want to say .. speak up my mind , saying my piece… but for own sake .. dun argue !!! , plus with the climate .. adiiii… mo remuk juga la tulang2 ni.. physical test?? ya … i am not up to it anymore… dulu2 boleh la …

now.. another 3 weeks course to go… as i said .. the courses is good for me and the future .. but …. i am mentally and physically tired .. cant take it… and now holding on … trying to motivate my own self … and keep the eyes open…

2 weeks to go .. and .. dear me !! HANG ON THERE !!!! chiayo … chiayo…

i know in the future i will regrets for not paying all my attention to what i am listening in this course … but i am just an ordinary people … trying to be extraordinary kunun.. trying to change the future ? yea rite!!!!

soooooodah la AziE!! …

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away mode…. group photos….

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  • 1. ANdEr  |  November 25, 2008 at 2:45 am

    hihihi…U go GIRL!!!!!! 2 more weeks to deal with a GOOD COURSE kan??…hehehehe…..i’ve been through it before and i really understand ur errr wut can we say….”great” condition????hihihi….nda bahh men2 jak azie…BTW….u know how me deal with the “great” situation??? I was sitting in front of the class and try to concentrate the talk( I know u try harder than me…:P) but at the end of the day….sa kana kacauuuu oleh kawan2 lain and last2 keja sa men2 jakkkkk….hihihihi……..The impact??? Now i need to read the KISSM’s notes ahahahahahahaha…..a huge penyesalan….but wut to do…heheheheh…so girl….CHAYO!! CHAYO!!!…..I know u can hang on der….hihih….Gewd Luckkkk…

    huge penyesalan ? napa sa nda rasa mcm tu pun ?

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