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FB Finally….

Call me outdated …or old fashion .. what ever … yes I am still not in the latest thingy as everybody does..
i know not many using FS anymore…. Many invited me to see and join their FB.. ..its time to change …and times has changed ..

and I am not a person that really like move around  .. even I am very easy to adapt to new environment … ( what am I talking about ..?! confuse ? so do I …). i took me almost 2 yr to be in FS .. and it think it is still ok wit less than a yr to be

finally … today .. I am OFFICIALLY on FB!!!! Satisfied? Getting myself familiar with the new environment and I know I will survive..

its a lilttle bit confusing … still not familiar wit the features ….

ok ok .. laugh as u wish.. I am new kids on the block ( remember those time when everybody adores the NKOTB .. Jon .. ya .. I was Jon) , pls give some guide with this new playground ya…

p/s: I know this is not a good example , but I am in a very B*R#NG course at the moment … nobody should do this at home… ook .. do it only when u r in a situation like mine.. ahahaha….

November 27, 2008 at 8:48 pm 1 comment

group photos….

its a week before we leave our BELOVED college …

and i wanted to have a group photo with my dearie classmate… something like what FRISCO did way in tawau ….

but he is good at this.. i never really take any group photo … expect this one .. it was yr ago.. itu pun organize and directed by my most impressive photograhper BL…a newly found interesting , kewl and fun-tastic frenz… .. its been a while since i met them…. miss u guyssss….

so , here is some pics captured while i am trying to figure out my camera setting … it was new back then …


men panjat2 lagi oo….


elaine with her sweet smile ….


wat is going on here ? amik position ka ?


so here they are ….1 2 3 .. smilezzzz


hmmm…McHottie ni….



its not easy being beginner and taking shots.. so from that almost 2 hours photo-session , i only manage to take some ‘good’ photos….

i have planned for BBQ Gathering at the same place as these photos are taken ( Tg. Aru), but due to certain pb… kena change venue… … i do hope to be able to capture ‘the moments’ with all my dear classmate …

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Today is….

November 2008