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its over……finally !!!!

its over ………..FINALLY!!!

after a very painful , sore , upsetting , discouraging time …. its finally over… no more classes , no more assignment , no more due dates , no more event to organize (opsss.. there is one more battle actually … arrgghhh)…..

and i wonder why now that the time i have been waiting for is finally here and i dun even feel any relief and happy…i dun even feel like taking a long breath and fuhhhhh… aaaaaaahhhhhh….. it OVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!

what wrong with me ?

hang on me there .. why am i always think it something wrong with me … i guess its not wrong .. no no.. i am sure its nothing wrong with me .. for not being as joy as others..

it nothing WRONG with me for not being so yeying … it not the end .. never been the end… this is the beginning for another journey… yes .. never ending story .. i will start a new journey .. and again another life to live … adeh! that is life… and life will be no end even to the very last moment of our soul in this earth.. because there will be another life after death…(erk.. life after death?? mcm mo p isi attendance ni tau…hehehe…) so there is absolutely not END!!!!

therefore , i should start the beginning of unknown story of my life , according to my own term… yes that i must do now is .. to life life according to my own term and capacity ..

i guess i have been worrying too much of what others told me to do .. that i should do this .. i should do that … it is so obvious that i am a person that is always been worrying about a lot of thing.. and many would say that i should be chilling out .. worry-less… and .. i have been trying not to .. but i cant …

i have been thinking of it… over and over again.. the main reason for me for being worrying … TOO MUCH worrying… and i found out myself .. the worrying thingy is the one that is keeping me MOVING on..because there is something for me to be worried of…

i re-read again what i am writing here .. and i don’t get what i am trying to write .. ahahaha.. typical me …. anyway … what i am trying to say is that .. i am cutting all the crap of what others is telling me to live my life like …. and i will live life as i can and could…

and there is NOTHING WRONG with me …

November 11, 2008 at 12:06 pm 3 comments

another pics of her….

ok ok .. as promise !!!! another pics of my dearie hsmate !!!!

presenting .. Ms. Azrinah Tahir …..

side pose yerrrr?!!

smiles… r u melting now?

aha!!! dapat sudah ni pose utk cover tut tut .. ingat nak !! ini pose sampai bila-bila…

the eyes … cam innocent jak …

waduh .. i cant believe it !!! pandai pula dia melaram n membuat pose ni .. waaaaa….

who doesn’t want to know her now…

November 1, 2008 at 1:34 am 10 comments

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