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*~*MeRRy ChRiStMaS & HaPpY NeW YeAr 2009! *~*

its 24th December , a day before Christmas….

and i am yet to feel the Christmas mood and joy… aiyak!!

anyway , i believe many is in their joyous , jolly and holiday mood already …

so ………………….here  i am ,  taking these opportunity to wish all :-

1. a very blessed Christmas


*that is me n bidz – in yellow shirt

2.  great prosperous new year 2009!

3. May God blesses us more,

4. to our family

5. and love one….

p/s: was quite thrilled to make some x’mas card in the beginning of Dec , sadly the joy faded over time .. uhuk uhuk uhuk.. perhaps a CHRISTMAS PRESENTS would enlighten my day? 😛

…………*./ | \ .*
………, • ‘*♥* ‘ • ,
……. ‘*• ♫♫♫•*’
….. ‘ *, • ‘♫ ‘ • ,* ‘
….’ * • ♫*♥*♫• * ‘
… * , • Merry’ • , * ‘
…* ‘ •♫♫*♥*♫♫ • ‘ * ‘
‘ * ‘ • Christmas . • ‘ * ‘ ‘
‘ ‘ * • ♫♫♫*♥*♫♫♫• * ‘ ‘

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i’ve been to new york!!!

i need a break.. …

what to do ah?…

hmm.. lets get crazy .. and crazier than before..

lets head up to New York ya’ll….

dsc00161Statue of Liberty .. one of the land mark of NY ….


hehhehe .. ya ya .. how i wish i have the MONEY MONEY MONEY to go there .. well.. went to check out the food outlet my fren been talking about …


located next to secret recipe @ 1Borneo…


menu-wise… very impressive… there do have a recommended meals .. super sinful is the highly recommended…

i got myself the ribeye steak with .. no sauce :P.. its took them ..i dunno .. i waited for so long for it… they need to catch it 1st i guess…

closer look at the serving … lurve the salad …wedges? hmm i have to skip it la this time…

dsc00158why? i am heading for a super sinful drink .. ultra rich shocolate velvet .. i would say very very rich ! … i have to skip dessert!

real food for real people with real appetites ? hmmm… let me think … i am a real people .. but this one would only get 5/10 from me .. its hard to impress me, dude!

p/s: pics taken using my k770i phone last month!

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sky @ kg

sky @ my kg….


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wat an experience….

i was very honored that Mr BL allowed me to be with him yesterday to do photo shoot with Jo Ann Sue Henly Rampas (Former State Unduk Ngadau ) . there was Ritzal too… another nikonian guy….

well , being budak baru belajar ABC ni , i felt extremely d*mb with my camera.. i dun even know how to read the aperture , shutter speed and .. do not know which lens to use… at the moment i have 55-200mm and 18-55 mm lens…. how pathetic is that … ?!

so , when the photo shoot start , i was very-very BLUR .. dun exactly really know what to do .. and BL said just click , click and change the setting… u will understand it by then… ya BL is a optimistic over this no-need-to-go-4-formal-education/course kinna thingy .. ( i am soon to be a t#@cHER tau..)but its true , we will learn better if we experience it ourself .. i’ve learned that from college …

since my cam is same as Ritzhal .. banyak kali la i go and ask him ..bugging bugging jak ni …  he is very very helpful..siap kasi lend his tripod ni …  big thanks, Zal!

being there.. i asked myself…the photo i took ni kan ..look nice (to my eyes , laaaarrr ) because

1)   i already improve my skill ka .. or
2) it due to the ‘copy-cat’ of wat BL n Ritzhal is doing or
3) Jo Ann just simply gorgeous and beautiful ? ( she is no doubt really pretty , she know how to model and show her emotion .. and very cooperative .. she also give a ‘face’ to me when i am clicking my cam..) or
4) by chance jak … ( mcm biasa la… bukan paham pun..apa yg d click tu…)

most of the pix taken was over expose or under expose … being not good at post editing lagi la menambah kan rasa ‘kebegokkan’ ku ini ..

and i told my self .. sandih jua nii ….

anyway , here is what i have to say after the whole session .. BL , u really make me TABIK SPRING to u … u done such a great job with the pix as publish in ur blog.. ( rasa mcm mo masuk jak ni kepala mcm kura2 when i saw ur picz) … i will always be recommending u to those who wanna have different experience in photo shooting session… its a whole new perspective  … (FYI , BL is also listed as a member of WPPI – only 9 photographer from M’sia .. ) … there is no right word to describe ur talent and skill… u knew it, right?! … u r GOOD !

Rithzal , sy masih kurang ajar ni .. mo kena ajar lebih lagi ni tau.. main lighting ? ( apa tu ..?  hahaha) 😀

Jo Ann : i am speechless wit ur beauty and talent ..

note to my own self… banyak lagi mo blajar tu …

neway .. mo juga kasi tunjuk ckit ni pix yg d amik .. ahahah…

dsc_04100001look at the smiles…. very camera friendly …

dsc_04300001BL showing his art works..

dsc_04830001was imagine a diffifferent output actually.. tapi nda menjadi…

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case closed!

yesterday , 6th Dec 2008 was the last day of my ‘most colorful’ day in college. i am no longer a student / trainee… yeyyyy

today , i woke up …. still as early as before …. switched off all my recurrent alarm on my hp…. i have 3.00 am , 3.30 am , 4.00 am , 4.30 am , 5.00 am , 5.30 am and 6.00 am alarm ON on my hp… geee….waaa…. woooo…. cant believe it …

now , i am at home – not so sweet- home (a long long travel home.. still having the travel head-ache) … and thinking y am i feelin numb …?!!

all this while , i was imagining that i will be jumping over the hill as i have ended everything …

hmmm… will i miss those time in college ? i don’t know … i barely have my own time myself before … but from the almost a year experience , i have learned a lot especially myself …

for now , i think i better feel numb.. i need to get some rest and will think more tomorrow…

case closed …

will be writing a new chapter in my life …

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kisah si bunga teratai….

Engkaulah pujaan hatiku
Telah lama aku rindukan
Wahai teratai
Bunga indah…

dsc_0441-2Oh teratai bunga indah

Sinar matamu bagaikan
Suria pagi
Setiap insan selalu terpikat
Memandangmu teratai
Bunga indah


Sungguh cantik paras wajahmu

Ku tak menyangka
Wahai terataiku sayang
Badai taufan datang
Menghembus dirimu
Engkau pun terkulai
Dan meruduklah
Layu tak berseri lagi


Oh tolong lindungilah dia
Agarku dapat bersamanya lagi
Ku inginkan terataiku sayang
Berseri seperti semula

Note : taken few months back @ Taman Pertanian Lagud Sebrang Tenom, must go place for flower lovers….

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Today is….

December 2008