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wat an experience….

i was very honored that Mr BL allowed me to be with him yesterday to do photo shoot with Jo Ann Sue Henly Rampas (Former State Unduk Ngadau ) . there was Ritzal too… another nikonian guy….

well , being budak baru belajar ABC ni , i felt extremely d*mb with my camera.. i dun even know how to read the aperture , shutter speed and .. do not know which lens to use… at the moment i have 55-200mm and 18-55 mm lens…. how pathetic is that … ?!

so , when the photo shoot start , i was very-very BLUR .. dun exactly really know what to do .. and BL said just click , click and change the setting… u will understand it by then… ya BL is a optimistic over this no-need-to-go-4-formal-education/course kinna thingy .. ( i am soon to be a t#@cHER tau..)but its true , we will learn better if we experience it ourself .. i’ve learned that from college …

since my cam is same as Ritzhal .. banyak kali la i go and ask him ..bugging bugging jak ni …  he is very very helpful..siap kasi lend his tripod ni …  big thanks, Zal!

being there.. i asked myself…the photo i took ni kan ..look nice (to my eyes , laaaarrr ) because

1)   i already improve my skill ka .. or
2) it due to the ‘copy-cat’ of wat BL n Ritzhal is doing or
3) Jo Ann just simply gorgeous and beautiful ? ( she is no doubt really pretty , she know how to model and show her emotion .. and very cooperative .. she also give a ‘face’ to me when i am clicking my cam..) or
4) by chance jak … ( mcm biasa la… bukan paham pun..apa yg d click tu…)

most of the pix taken was over expose or under expose … being not good at post editing lagi la menambah kan rasa ‘kebegokkan’ ku ini ..

and i told my self .. sandih jua nii ….

anyway , here is what i have to say after the whole session .. BL , u really make me TABIK SPRING to u … u done such a great job with the pix as publish in ur blog.. ( rasa mcm mo masuk jak ni kepala mcm kura2 when i saw ur picz) … i will always be recommending u to those who wanna have different experience in photo shooting session… its a whole new perspective  … (FYI , BL is also listed as a member of WPPI – only 9 photographer from M’sia .. ) … there is no right word to describe ur talent and skill… u knew it, right?! … u r GOOD !

Rithzal , sy masih kurang ajar ni .. mo kena ajar lebih lagi ni tau.. main lighting ? ( apa tu ..?  hahaha) 😀

Jo Ann : i am speechless wit ur beauty and talent ..

note to my own self… banyak lagi mo blajar tu …

neway .. mo juga kasi tunjuk ckit ni pix yg d amik .. ahahah…

dsc_04100001look at the smiles…. very camera friendly …

dsc_04300001BL showing his art works..

dsc_04830001was imagine a diffifferent output actually.. tapi nda menjadi…

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