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long….so loooonnngggg….

Its been so long … very very looooonnnnnggggg for keeping the blog idle… and many have been asking me what happen.. and wanting to know the ‘updates’….

Well, my apology. Thing have not been going the way I’ve plan .. and I seem so distracted with a lots of adjustment to the new environment / life / weather / people..(wat am I talking here? :d ) but really .. there is so many thing going on and I am keeping myself ‘alive’ and thanks God … I am still standing.

I started blogging early last year , when I have a different plan .. wanting to really expressing myself in my own term and way.. but something happen in between .. the transition took so long , and I wasn’t really clear wit wat I really want to do wit the blog… I seem to very lost and yes.. connection is like … super slowwwwwww now…. here in my new environment forcing me not to be able to updates or read my fellow frend update. Really miss reading and commenting other blogs actually …

Btw, what is going on wit me ?

I am currently looking thing in all angles.. .. trying to look for the best way to stay up .. in one piece…

Now that I realize that focusing only on one perspective might again make me lost in space…

I have listen to many many views and perspectives … for me , everybody has their own right to say what they wanted to say .. and according to the knowledge and what they know… and for the one who really experience it .. i should .. mmmm…. I dun really know how I should do it .. but like I said .. collecting view from other might help and assist me in looking for a bigger thing .. I might miss some point, and maybe too .. some point from other is lacking of something… so by collecting all the data and opinion from different people , hopefully I can make a better decision , and if I am not … I hope I will be still in one piece..

focusing to the left area… here what i can see…some details might left out……..

if i look from the centre , i tend to lost some sight …


and some say look at the right side .. it may be right ? is it so ? is right is always right ?

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