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i understand…

I understand what u have gone thru .

is a very soothing and most calming words one would want to hear from others. I personally my self would feel lots better when someone come to me and tell me that they do understand what I have gone thru.

But today , I was talking to my elder sister.. topic is about taking care of a kids. She was complaining about my younger bro way of taking care of his lil boy… and I know she wants me to agree wit her .. and she is telling me the lots of thing she have gone thru ….. and I bet if I say I do understand her , she will feel lots better.. but seriously .. do I really understand her ?

I mean do we really understand what the other person is having or gone thru when we utter the word I understand ?

I know that this phrase is a common answer I would get from a kids at school.. ask everybody if they understand what we tell/teach them .. and they will say .. understanddddd (loud n very clear</em>) … wait til the evaluation time … and that is what they get from the “I understand” part.

here is my point , do we act like a kids when we say we understand , or do we say it to make the other person feel better and stop grieving about the problem they r facing … or we do really understand ?

So today, I think I’ve given an honest answer … I told my sister…. I am sorry, I can’t really say anything. cos I don’t have a child just yet ! ..

😀 .. its better to stop pretending like we understand while the truth is we don’t!

Note : my sister is a great sister and mother … and she is the strongest person I ever alive !!!.. physically and mentally !

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