i understand…

March 5, 2009 at 12:34 pm 6 comments

I understand what u have gone thru .

is a very soothing and most calming words one would want to hear from others. I personally my self would feel lots better when someone come to me and tell me that they do understand what I have gone thru.

But today , I was talking to my elder sister.. topic is about taking care of a kids. She was complaining about my younger bro way of taking care of his lil boy… and I know she wants me to agree wit her .. and she is telling me the lots of thing she have gone thru ….. and I bet if I say I do understand her , she will feel lots better.. but seriously .. do I really understand her ?

I mean do we really understand what the other person is having or gone thru when we utter the word I understand ?

I know that this phrase is a common answer I would get from a kids at school.. ask everybody if they understand what we tell/teach them .. and they will say .. understanddddd (loud n very clear</em>) … wait til the evaluation time … and that is what they get from the “I understand” part.

here is my point , do we act like a kids when we say we understand , or do we say it to make the other person feel better and stop grieving about the problem they r facing … or we do really understand ?

So today, I think I’ve given an honest answer … I told my sister…. I am sorry, I can’t really say anything. cos I don’t have a child just yet ! ..

😀 .. its better to stop pretending like we understand while the truth is we don’t!

Note : my sister is a great sister and mother … and she is the strongest person I ever alive !!!.. physically and mentally !

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long….so loooonnngggg…. me … now!

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  • 1. bidz  |  March 5, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Nak…kena answer soklan kakak ko after u have ur own children la! ahahahaha but i really think you learning it already oooo..
    (1) learn how to be patient
    (2) learn how to control ur anger
    (3) learn how to deal with kids
    (4) learn how to entertain them
    (5) learn how to make them enjoying their time
    (6) learn what’s the best for the kid
    (alamak teda symbol infinity)

    You learn all these at school! You’re their ‘mother’ at school bha nak!

    p/s recently ganti kelas at pusat tuisyen, standard 6, 3 kids jak masa tuh! guess what?sy tidak dapat control tuh kelas..berlari2 bha tuh budak2..ketawa2, berguling2 lagi! trus sy teringat ur story yg masuk kelas at Beufort ka? all the kids menangis la, berlari2 la! Time tuh, I really don’t believe you! (now I made my confession, -;p)…my point is..begini ka rupanya?susah ini…
    conclusion: I’ve made my decision not to aply KPLI for the time being!

    btwn how’s haziq? (tukar cerita)

    hahahha… honest ka ni nak ?
    tunggguuuu ada crita BAEK punya.. pasal budak2 ni … 😀

  • 2. Cliff Elvin Eric  |  March 5, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    at least ko ckp mcm tu mo kasi tenang hati dia bah tu… people always tend ckp mcm tu… but bergantung kepada condition time tu…
    it’s okayyyy

    cliff : isnt it lying ?

  • 3. McBuddy  |  March 6, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    ok..thanks to you guys…now im more freak out to hv kids…kamu jawab la sama laki sia nnt napa sia tia mau anak ah…hahaha…palissss palissss…just kidding ya…hehehe…i want to hv my own kids…and I WANT TWINS!!!! 😛

    frankly, i dun recall anybody saying that it’s gonna be easy to hv kids..let alone taking care of your special students zie..in your case, i wouldn’t say “i understand” coz’ just like what you said..i dun hv kids just yet too.. so i totally agree with what you said…some things can only be voiced out once you experienced it personally…and when that day comes, we’ll all be sipping latte in starbucks, bitching about our naughty kids, our “dear” husbands, our wonderful, err..i mean what-a-fool jobs, and our not-so-perfect-afterall lives..haha…so much for an optimist huh??

    hmmm… starbucks? pa tu ? ( katara jd kampungan sudah ni ..:P) .. !

    annnnndddddd…. when is the day will come for me to be b*tching bout my “dear” ni?

    dun worry .. u will be fine ..but twins? addduiii ! cant imagine dat… cos for me , c danel saturang pun panat mo bubut… ni lagi twins…

  • 4. bennyliew.com  |  March 7, 2009 at 11:39 am

    zie, i have to agree with you on this!

  • 5. frenday  |  March 14, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    well…in order for u to understand ur sister, settle down and have a bunch of kids k… 😉 then u’ll understand


    1. settling down required a MALE!!!fine me ONE !
    2. bunch ? owh no!!

  • 6. emma  |  March 20, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    congrats zie!!akhirnya jadi teacher jg ko aa..tersentuh hati i tgk pics mu dgn special kids 2.im so proud of u my dear..bkn semua org dpt buat apa yg ko buat skg ni..u r d strongest person 4 me.i wish u all d best bebeh!

    thanks em!!! do hope will be the strongest one!!

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