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my nails….

i lurve to do my nails … really DO!!!

but then , my current job does not allow me too.. i wasn’t sure the reason behind it.. what wrong kan ? bukan harming anybody pun !!!

but the good thing is that , i have cuti cuti sikul … i can do my nail… yippie…

i just cant wait for the cuti2 to come … i am counting my days.. yey yey yey..

but seriously, i dun get it … in this so call millennium year … to have nail well done pun wrong .. to wear something up-to-date pun not ngam ( this remind me wat to wear for tomorrow course … adeeehhh!! mcm tia ngam jak my cloth ni ….)

what else i dont understand ? .. hmm if i would list down .. in 1000 words pun tia cukup…. but i am digging up the info the do and dont .. and the real reason behind it …

any senior teacher likes to comment on this ?

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Love found me? I found love?

I don’t know either love found me


I found love again!!!

I cant believe this is happening to me again … the trip to Singapore is another great story.

Well, actually I don’t normally kiss and tell. (ops.. I just did it!!).
tears of joy run down my face .. and I a waiting for another day with him again….
Its takes me miles away across the sea for someone of my dreams….I keep asking myself Is this true? How can it be?

I’ve searched for the right man for my entire life, man kept breaking my heart. i even started to think that love was untrue, a fantasy , nothing real…full of stupidity…

I found love when no one seemed to care!!!

NOW …..I found love! When I thought no one want to listen to me anymore…
He came from the thin air .. Showed me love and he said he cared. I found love!! How nice to say it again and again…

because of the love he showed me, now I can give love back. I am not sure either this will last forever, but for now. I know there is a true love. He made everything seems so right. Even in a very short time.
I found this man across the sea, he is just like a package wrapped just for me. A gift of love..

I am again in love. And it took me a long journey.

here is how my love story begin…
met these bunch of guys .. talking about the fantastic, most eligible man ever alive in singapore.. i was skeptical about it …and said .. manada la such great man …
i said . come on .. that will never happen !!!
i even have a fight wit them …
but i guess i was wrong .. he is for real!!! and i can stop myself from kissing him .. in PUBLIC!!!!

Kring.. kriinggg.. wake up!! Stop dreaming … reality check again !!! there is no such thing!! Maybe it is .. but not for me .. this story is inspired from the photo I took while at Singapore.. and yes .. there is no HIM.. ahaha… is that mean I am still in the market ? ka3.. my fren said I should buat sale 70% off..mampoih…

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Today is….

May 2009