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Are you ready to roll?

I normally will be asked what to expect when one becoming a special education. I said, for someone like me, without proper training in the special education, expect the worst. So in case things don’t go that great, you won’t be so down as u have mentally and physically prepared for it.


This is very contrary to the other advise people will give, as people would say expect the best, shoot for the star.. But if the star is not shining at all..?

So am i ready to roll? I never think I am ready for anything, always there will be a worries and doubt of my capability in performing something. All I have is, what if, what now question .

But here is the thing that make me alive. Things like, when I am teaching the kids ,

Me: (showing a picture of gasing). This is gasing. (Then pointing at the picture again and ask the pupil). What is this?

Pupil : Paper! ( answering like there is nothing wrong wit it )

honestly , when this kind of thing happen , I will be cracking out loud. Especially when I tried to explain the it twice or more. But all they see is the paper.


Another scenario happened yesterday. In my English class , I am introducing the words boy, girl , man and woman . boy and girl is easy as I asked them to stand up if they are a boy or a girl. Then when it come to man, they were kind of lost.

So I give and example

Me: Man is like cikgu Ali. Now anybody can give me another example of a man (of course this one is in bahasa ya…)

Guess what the answer

Pupil: Superman!

So how would u handle the class? There is nothing wrong with their answer actually. They have the ‘thinking-outside-of-the-box’ kind of thing…

I do always read about joke as such, I do found it funny, but when it happen to myself. i have a blast! So are u ready to roll in special education?

You will not only roll, u will rock the world!!!




ps :pix are courtesy of the soon to be special teacher , the above story are also inspired by them.thanks to Felicia & Patricia of IP Gaya – KPLI Pendidikan Khas Jan 2009 Intake .

and i lurve all the pix taken via their laptop cam.. my skin look so flawless…

May 7, 2009 at 5:47 pm 15 comments

Photographer wanna be …

Bukan photographer tak suka bergambar ke? This is what I got from my fren when I keep asking them to take my photo using my DSLR …

Well… CORRECTION .. I am NOT a photographer (yet :P).. I am a photographer –wanna-be …. and yes I like to take photo .. and I like my photo to be taken too… sebagai bahan bukti .. that I have been there.. becoming model-wanna-be juga la sikit2.. manatau … har3….but seriously ….its not wrong, right ? (perasan!!)

I was told to find a photographer BF .. so .. here to my BFF … sapat2 p bikin tu passport… So we can take each other photo… I am very sure u know how I want my pix to be .. but 1st thing 1st , we must travel together!!!

Traveling is not easy if all alone … mesti tiada pix of own face .. scenery melulu jak tu … ..lau begitu itu .. bagus bili postcard seja ..kan ? lagi santik ..and its by professional … nda buang karan & money… ke3…

Traveling berduet also hard .. nanti u take my pix, I take urs… lau honeymoon… mcm p honeymoon sendiri.. so to R&C..… for ur next travel plan… I am here .. to capture ur moment TOGETHER…. where are we going again? Macau? My back is pack already ….

So , what is the best way to get our face IN the photo while traveling alone? Get someone we don’t know to take the photo ? use tripod? well, I heard that is it not secure to do so, as I was told that the someone might just run away wit our camera … plus .. do u trust that barely-know-person to pigang our cam ? and using tripod is so leceh.. barat tu mo bawa… and masa setup tu … skali org langgar … lagi la haru biru merah jingga and all the colour will turn out….

Any tips?

May 6, 2009 at 6:55 pm 9 comments

Hard Rock Cafe T


yey !! finally i got my very 1st hard rock cafe Classic T ..

and it is all the way from Rome !!! very excited over it … and i am so inspired to be there myself. i dream to have a collection of this T, and be at the place myself.. so … thinking of wat to give me as souvenir ? i am easy .. another hard rock T would do !! 😛


thank you Ai Ling for getting me this one!!!

April 9, 2009 at 6:24 pm 2 comments

highly recommended !!!

who would i suggest if someone asking the best guy to capture a their best moment in life ?

it would be .. no other than ….Benny Liew. i am suggesting him not only because he is a dear friend of mine , but his job is super funtstic .. very fresh idea and the turn out is so one of a kind .. very unique … i wonder where did he get all the ideas? hmmm…

he always said that he is only an amateur photographer… i have been following his progress ( in photography ..) he evolve amazingly… a short time ….

i am very honored to have the opportunity to assist him in her last pre wed shoot.

and looking at his work style.. i would say all he wanted to do is to make the couple feel comfortable ( well not many is at ease when the camera is focusing on them ..)

and for sure , he is hard to please with his own work… he want the BEST shoot…. and wallaaaa.. the output is magnificent.  for a proof to believe … a visit to .. ( its free of charge ok … :P)

BL at work…..

while Ben at work .. there will be another dear videographer with his … “flying cam” … it really fly tu .. and again… this guy is really great at his work too… and for FREE review of his work pls visit at

another guy that i admire is Ritzhal … well.. for being both Nikonian .. i learned a lot for him .. and thanks bro for keep up wit my ‘blurness’ wit my D40…

i am looking forward to learn more from these guys and … they are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! u wont regrets it !!!

NOTE : BENNY LIEW is officially a member of WPPI

March 28, 2009 at 6:24 am 5 comments

Counting My Day……

10.. 9.. 8… 7.. days to go.. 6.. 5… 4.. 3.. days to go .. i am very very nervous… 2.. and its the day …..

its the day … the big day is almost here .. i am very thrill of the big day.. the coming of my new buddy’s baby of Emel & Elveen…

i am very sure both of them are too… i remembered the day when i took they wedding photos

and when we talk about the NEXT chapter ….

she will say this… lepas nek gunung kinabalu baru mo pikir… and we plan to have in last may ….

i cant really remember when i finally found out about this preggy thingy ( found out thru CNN ya…) and i called her and said… haiya .. apa masam sulah itu perjanjian mo naik gunung aa… lu ada lupa ka … she laugh .. . .. well happy for her..

actually , i do notice that she looked a lil pale when i met her before i knew she is preggy – but since i remember the our plan .. so i said maybe she is not feeling well seja.. mmg pun not feelin wel.. she is carrying another person in her…

so , here is the pics of the lovely couple .. Emel & Elveen….


mommy and daddy to be … 2mommy mommy … tummy tummy…


looking at mommy’s tummy .. be patient daddy.. i am coming out very soon…


ops .. is he expecting too?



he just got his hair colour – cherry mud ? mud cherry ?


two mommy .. and she is expecting for the 2nd baby …


this is the 1st baby of Nancy – JC Micheal Emmanuel- and he is cute ..


i want his eyelash.. bulit tukar ka dat ? 10

112its true when ppl said , preggy woman looks ‘ shining ‘…

i notice that few of galfrens give birth to baby boy ( nancy , eeda , feinih ..) … which is good.. very good actually ….the population of man is decreasing …..this is great news for some1 like me .. ahahha… eh pa la maksud tu ..?

pics was taken last yr… during chel’s wedding … i am going to be an aunty again .. and twice .. maybe for another aunty from the newly wed? sampat lagi tu lahir b4 next yr.. 😛

January 6, 2009 at 9:08 pm 4 comments

Chelven & Roger – Holy Matrimony

presenting Mr. & Mrs Roger Awang…

the wedding mass was held last 27th Dec @ Sacred Heart Cathedral.
i was late for the mass actually. only got to be in the church when she walk down the aisle. kinna miss the ‘moment’ … sorry chel…

anyway , some pix i managed to capture during the holy matrimony ….

she n he … about to be tied together …
listening to the word of the Lord… reading by her lil sis May….
ring ring ring… someone was nervous… : D
saying their vows and … Yes , I Do…
kiss kiss kiss…

blessing of the newly married.
hey u ….. i saw u there …
hellowww.. camera here ..
i wasnt sure what is she looking at ..
lovey dovey …
the red umbrella is something to do with the Chinese costume..
i kinna like this lil’ feathery ‘hat’ she put on …

Note :
1. i wanted to post this since the day 1 , but connection was very very VERY bad.. the reception photo will follow later…
2. i was quite disappointed with myself … i did not able to capture many good pix.. uhuk3
3. yeah.. the rumors about the flower … its true !! 😛 .. but me next? dun think so!

January 1, 2009 at 11:59 pm 5 comments

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