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my nails….

i lurve to do my nails … really DO!!!

but then , my current job does not allow me too.. i wasn’t sure the reason behind it.. what wrong kan ? bukan harming anybody pun !!!

but the good thing is that , i have cuti cuti sikul … i can do my nail… yippie…

i just cant wait for the cuti2 to come … i am counting my days.. yey yey yey..

but seriously, i dun get it … in this so call millennium year … to have nail well done pun wrong .. to wear something up-to-date pun not ngam ( this remind me wat to wear for tomorrow course … adeeehhh!! mcm tia ngam jak my cloth ni ….)

what else i dont understand ? .. hmm if i would list down .. in 1000 words pun tia cukup…. but i am digging up the info the do and dont .. and the real reason behind it …

any senior teacher likes to comment on this ?

May 22, 2009 at 4:11 pm 5 comments

Are you ready to roll?

I normally will be asked what to expect when one becoming a special education. I said, for someone like me, without proper training in the special education, expect the worst. So in case things don’t go that great, you won’t be so down as u have mentally and physically prepared for it.


This is very contrary to the other advise people will give, as people would say expect the best, shoot for the star.. But if the star is not shining at all..?

So am i ready to roll? I never think I am ready for anything, always there will be a worries and doubt of my capability in performing something. All I have is, what if, what now question .

But here is the thing that make me alive. Things like, when I am teaching the kids ,

Me: (showing a picture of gasing). This is gasing. (Then pointing at the picture again and ask the pupil). What is this?

Pupil : Paper! ( answering like there is nothing wrong wit it )

honestly , when this kind of thing happen , I will be cracking out loud. Especially when I tried to explain the it twice or more. But all they see is the paper.


Another scenario happened yesterday. In my English class , I am introducing the words boy, girl , man and woman . boy and girl is easy as I asked them to stand up if they are a boy or a girl. Then when it come to man, they were kind of lost.

So I give and example

Me: Man is like cikgu Ali. Now anybody can give me another example of a man (of course this one is in bahasa ya…)

Guess what the answer

Pupil: Superman!

So how would u handle the class? There is nothing wrong with their answer actually. They have the ‘thinking-outside-of-the-box’ kind of thing…

I do always read about joke as such, I do found it funny, but when it happen to myself. i have a blast! So are u ready to roll in special education?

You will not only roll, u will rock the world!!!




ps :pix are courtesy of the soon to be special teacher , the above story are also inspired by them.thanks to Felicia & Patricia of IP Gaya – KPLI Pendidikan Khas Jan 2009 Intake .

and i lurve all the pix taken via their laptop cam.. my skin look so flawless…

May 7, 2009 at 5:47 pm 15 comments

me … now!

this is me .. now …..

my update is .. i am a teacher now in a special school .  there is so many thing happened n sooooo many stories .. but will keep that for later .. i am more excited to intro my very special pupils …


edgar is on the left   – he look like someone i know from the past .. but up to date i still can’t recall who is he …

roynold on the right .. as u can see roynold is holding my hand very tight .. because he told every teacher in the school he like me .. he will get very mad if i am talking to other male ..even to other male teacher…

this is daniel.. very cute boy…
dsc00291dexter is the one on the left – one of the good kid we have -but he will get annoyed if we didnt pay full attention to wat he is sayin and he will say — cikgu ni .. org cakap pun tidak dengar…

randall is the one will be asking either he will get a hadiah if he finishes his work…
dsc00292this is the famous haziq… and it is so hard to get his attention to the cam….
dsc00293nak kena gambar .. tu la konon rajin buat keje…
dsc00294this is Pendidikan Jasmani time …
activity is to throw the ball to the FRONT – and as easy as we think it would be .. ada juga bola ke belakang … 😀

this is only the beginning .. at the early stage of me in adapting in the new enviroment .. so how exactly i am doing ?

i am still standing!

March 19, 2009 at 11:03 pm 11 comments

Why do pencils have erasers?

Feel like giving up?

Well, it’s because of MISTAKES we make. The fact is ALL of as make then. Hence, the erasers come in.

On our road to success, we are bound to make a few mistakes here and there.

Maybe we make a fool of ourselves in front of our frenz , or perhaps the wrong decision guy we dated last nite. Or it could be the new hairdo we pay so much and did not really fond of ( yurp talking about myself..)

Whatever the case may be, the point is: Mistakes are commonplace. Mistakes are important. Mistakes are necessary. Yes , this is what I was told and I have to learn to live with.

Mistake is just another one of life’s building blocks – they allow us to remain strong and enable us to make better decisions in the future. (did I read better? )

Being said, ‘failure’ is not something to be afraid of. Instead, ‘failure’ is something to embrace. As a matter of fact, every time you ‘fail’, you actually win. (Yea rite!!!)

Ok .. here is the point , ‘failure’ is just another opportunity to learn and grow. And, when you’re learning and growing, you’re WINNING. Am I right? I am so right.

The most important matters is that we should be able to pick up the pieces of our shattered life, put them back together and ultimately move on. We learned. We therefore grew. And, later, we are on our way to becoming full-fledged less-mistake-made person.

We shouldn’t let our previous ‘failures’ stand in the way of achieving our dreams. We should learned from all of our mistakes. Moreover, we can grow better from all of our mistakes. And we will never make the same mistake again.

We want to be someone well-known ; famous , earning big bucks ; rich . This is our dream, and we are not going to let one itty, bitty little test squash it. we are not going to let our fear of this thing we call ‘failure’ get the best of us .

We re going to be FAMOUS and RICH.

The only way to get over our fears is to face them head on. So, go ahead. Fail. Make some mistakes. You’ll soon discover that the only real, true mistake is one in which you learn nothing.

According to inductive thinking, the conclusion we can make is we have to feel the failure before we win BIG!
so now , i am closing my bookS , will stop my revision , rejuvenating …. perdulikan my exam !!!!<

p/s; ini la nasib kalau sudah sot – talampau banyak ni philosophy yg mo ingat!!

October 18, 2008 at 12:05 am 5 comments

what is the meaning of ….

MERDEKA to you..?

i guess for most of us , the new generation , merdeka mean HOLIDAY … 😀 .. ya that is what it mean for me before .. BUT.. now .. in my new career , i am changing my perspective .. … ( trying to look thing in a +ve way in the new appointment …)

for kids , merdeka means..

flying flag … the one with candy inside .. ( heheh .. me oso dulu2 selalu bili the gula2 oh… )

fancy paper cap.. i got one for my self… dulu dulu dun have bha … 😀

poem reading…

best part …..singing patriotic song … tanggal 31 .. bulan 8 57 …merdeka merdeka …

what ever MERDEKA mean to u…


fakta merdeka :

1. tahun ini adalah merupakan ulangtahun kemerdekaan ke 51

2. perpaduan teras kejayaan <– slogan tahun ini

August 29, 2008 at 6:47 pm 2 comments

Today is….

March 2023