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Chelven & Roger – Holy Matrimony

presenting Mr. & Mrs Roger Awang…

the wedding mass was held last 27th Dec @ Sacred Heart Cathedral.
i was late for the mass actually. only got to be in the church when she walk down the aisle. kinna miss the ‘moment’ … sorry chel…

anyway , some pix i managed to capture during the holy matrimony ….

she n he … about to be tied together …
listening to the word of the Lord… reading by her lil sis May….
ring ring ring… someone was nervous… : D
saying their vows and … Yes , I Do…
kiss kiss kiss…

blessing of the newly married.
hey u ….. i saw u there …
hellowww.. camera here ..
i wasnt sure what is she looking at ..
lovey dovey …
the red umbrella is something to do with the Chinese costume..
i kinna like this lil’ feathery ‘hat’ she put on …

Note :
1. i wanted to post this since the day 1 , but connection was very very VERY bad.. the reception photo will follow later…
2. i was quite disappointed with myself … i did not able to capture many good pix.. uhuk3
3. yeah.. the rumors about the flower … its true !! 😛 .. but me next? dun think so!

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Idham & Effa Wedding

here is the pics taken from Marshall ( a.k.a Idham) wedding reception last 2nd August.

what is the best thing could happen when someone is wishing to practise/learn her/his photographing skill?

ya … low batt… d*m .. that what happen dat day … i forgotten to check on the batt condition .. and yes … i am yet to get a spare batt …

i was very pissed of with my self.. . and truly sorry for my dearie fren… walaupun i know i cant take as good photo as other photographer … or as Benny Liew, i am learning here… oh ya… would recommend him (BL) if u r looking for wedding photographer … he is not only good but he is GREAT!!! ( yea.. he knew i hate him for his skill .. )

he & she

officially husband & wife – look at their smiles …..

hehehe.. i think many tried technique… not easy for a beginner like me thou …

this one edited in ps … heheh not good at editing either ..

she is as lovely as u see here… she is naturally pretty and know how to act to a camera….sadly i did not manage to take more photo of her …. blame me for my mistake …

among frenz there.. Dr Nuraidah & Dr Hubby ( forgot his name.. sorry doc– i like her baju kurung.. mo tiru ni .. 😀 ) … known her since we were 13 … and there is my pretty , lovely single housemates , Azrina a.k.a bidz and deena …

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a wedding to plan …

i got to know my buddy chelven way back in 2002, since then … we become closer and closer since then , and she think i am the most complicated person in her life…and i wanted to become her bride maid , but she think i am too tall … wut?? tall ka pula.. bukan….H#Tt%r… hehehehhe..!!!

anyway , here is her story..

in 2003, i knew the two of them are realy close , but i never really knew that the two of them is seeing each other …… ya lah.. all like fren fren .. very close juga… until our superior told me , she is going for a date .. a DATE???…. erk… i never really asks them in person , but got kurik2 from other fren.. ya….. confirmed they r DATING each other!!!

yea.. yea.. couple of the year!! i got it !!!

she is showing off her ring … and i get it … she is HAPPY!!! and i AM happy for her too….

hand in hand .. together .. they gonna build a new life together as a husband and wife…

now she is busy preparing and planning for the big day … yellow roses? nah aa.. i dun think so chel….

oh .. ok i get it…it ur wedding and u choose and pick what ever u want …. and i wont say anything .. ( i will TRY not to .. eheheh … u know me buddy !!)

the dress… haven’t decided yet !

may be this one ? i am good with it!!!

few months to go .. and i wish i can help .. with the preparation…. here a thing my dear, the thank you gift ( i forgot wat is it called… ) leave it to me.. ok… but we need time to go n get the material 1st …..

July 14, 2008 at 9:10 am 7 comments

E & E Wedding Receiption Part 2

just got the photos cd from mel d other day – taken from hired photographer on her receiption day. there not many pics that i really like thou . anyway , pics posted here are pics of me and my x-skol frenz (wit their partner).


Wedding Reception @ Rafflesia Ballroom 1


knock! knock!! knock!!! here we come ….

the wedding package at promenade include a Jr Suite for the couple .. according to mel , bulih main bola lagi bha kalau ko mo .. d answer she gave me when she ask me to come over to the room. i have to agreed wit her.. if wan to make hindustan film oso can oo…


3 PRETTY single ladies ..ahaha ( sa promote ko ni bidz..)


ya la .. ya la.. Veen , m texting d other to come ok !!


chel & fiancee Tom


my x-classmate (1997-1998) and his gf


making sure we r listed in the Guest Book!!


tq gift – can i have two plz…?


me – wishing her not to touch my #%$ .. hahaha


Bebeth .. she is sad she (mel) get married


wat ru doin bidz?!


our table


concerntrating wit d fud…


fr R – L : Bebeth, bidz, chel & fiance , mel & hubby , ME, nancy & hubby ( she is expecting – due by in mid march …) seweng n gf.

last yr was a yr of frenz getting married . and dis year will be a yr for adding new family member.. at the moment 4 of them is expecting..wish ’em gudluck!!!

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Wedding Photos….

My 1st wedding Photoshoot is FINALLY here …. it took me 2 month to post this. ( am so occupied now..)

for a extremely beginner in this area , i think ( THINK!) i am doing OK !! ahaks ….i need more TIME to practice, a tutor and get to know my new “baby”well….

anyway , the wedding is between my best buddy Mel and Hubby Elveen.

Pictures was taken during their reception last 12th January 2008 @ Promenade Hotel. 2 week after their Wedding @ KP , a week after her birthday and a week before his birthday.

to both newly wed couple ;

It’s always so wonderful when two people find happiness together . A marriage is a big step in our lives and will bring us even closer together . While married life can have its ups and down , i hope that , the two of you will find every joy that you both deserver . May the coming years as a husband n wife prove rich with laughter , love and happiness…



the lovely dress….


mel n her smile…. u will NEVER see her not smiling ….


Elveen working on the Guest List …


working on her hair … see her SMILE?


another shot of her

lipstick ?
elveen seem ok wit the lipstick …



mel is done

she is done wit the make up…


love the heels…



@ promenade …


the bride and the groom




i have to bully elveen to get the 1st shoot… sorry and tq !!!


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Today is….

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